Are you looking for a way to capture the essence of your dog, or a special gift for another, forever in a customized painted portrait?

Check out these recent examples of personified dog portraits done for clients involving 3 precious female pugs, a stately bulldog as a CEO and a Terrier shown in his royal Renaissance gear. 

Or you may desire to simply capture your beloved pet in a desired setting, as was done for a client who had recently lost her golden retriever and commissioned a custom portrait with their favorite mountain behind him.

Commission now with Pahlo Art the purchase of a one-of-a-kind portrait of your special pet. The artist, Patrick OHanlon, will work directly with you to determine the essence of dog you desire to portray: with or without the fun costuming, the background, and his/her unique personality. 

Portraits of pets are great gifts and memorable treasures.  Enjoy forever a portrait of your pet Robin Hood or Maid Marian hanging in your home as a deservingly well-loved family member.


PahloArt Gallery Offerings

Pahloart Refinery & Gallery has relocated from Marshall, Missouri to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and residing at the SevenOaks Retreat Center in Madison.  This 120 acres of tranquil river and wooded haven offers a perfect location for birthing the ongoing creations of custom artwork, drawing from 50 years of artistic experience involving diverse subjects and mediums.



Classic Custom Canine Portraits